Dick Thomas has been providing my family and friends with exceptional guidance on Summer Camp and School selection for over ten years.

He has a rare insiders knowledge and perspective from a career entrenched in the top tier, best in class segment in this industry. He understands the nuances of different Camp experiences available and can help you select the best fit for your child. Dick is also extremely knowledgeable and resourceful in navigating the Secondary School application/acceptance process and in many cases – like ours – he is able to advise on scholarship opportunities as well.  Dick saved us countless hours and dollars and provided the guidance we needed to make the right choices for our sons. He is well worth the investment!

I also look forward to tapping in on Dick’s Camp App from my iPhone this summer. So much easier to catch up with what my boys are up to at camp on the fly instead of waiting until I get back to my computer !


Dick represents the “heart & soul” of child development in camping.  His passion, lifelong experience and infectious enthusiasm are hallmark to our industry and profession.

Birch Rock Camp

Dick Thomas spent two decades at the helm of one of the country’s best traditional camps, and he has a deep wisdom about kids, counselors, families, and summer camping. He’s one of the most important mentors in my life, as he has been to countless other staff, campers, and parents.

EdTech Teacher

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